FOC System

FOC System

The fibre-optic cable (FOC) system can be attached to the vehicle and thus establish an Ethernet data connection for real-time data transfer

  • Example of SeaCat with fibre-optic cable
  • Example of SeaCat with fibre-optic cable
Further Information

The FOC system provides an operational radius of approx. 700 m by means of a cable of 1000 m length and is especially recommended for use in combination with the Inspection Head.

In this configuration, it will serve for the transfer of video and sonar data in real time and for controlling the pan/tilt unit.


  • 1000 m fibre-optic cable with a diameter of 1.6 mm, delivered on an especially developed drum
  • Prop Guard (Propeller Guard) prevents the fibre-optic cable from being sucked into the propeller and simultaneously provides a strain relief for the connector.


Feature Specification
Tensile load during operation max. 250 N
Breaking tensile load min. 500 N
Min. bending radius 20 mm
Trim positive (buoyant)