Capture System

Capture System

The handling system can be adapted to the user's needs and offers possibilities ranging from manual launch using a slip-trolley to a crane-based launcher usable at higher sea states

  • Quick release shackle prepared for launching and recovery process
  • Launching the SeaCat 1/2
  • Launching the SeaCat 2/2
Further Information

Launching process

An on-board crane with a safe working load of 1000 kg or more can be used for operations without further installations.

Launching the vehicle by using a snap shackle is a straightforward method.


Recovery process

The main part of L&R operations is the recovery lug of SeaCat. The vehicle features an open face with a pawl that makes it very easy to catch the SeaCat by means of a sling:

→ This is attached to a self-locking crane hook (shackle), the other end is held by the berthing crew.

→ When the crane swings out to e.g. 5 m off board, this ropes forms a loop which swims on the water surface.

→ By steering the SeaCat across the rope, its recovery lug will catch the line.

→ The rope is then used to pull the crane hook into the lug.

→ The automatic closing of the crane hook establishes a resilient connection and the SeaCat is ready to be lifted.


  • The patented quick release shackle made of stainless non-magnetic steel, that can easily be attached to existing cranes by using simple heavy-load slings to connect the shackle to the crane hook (DNVGL approved)
  • A balanced capture rope