PMA Suite

PMA Suite

Processing and visualising of the data collected is realised by using commercial-off-the-shelf mission evaluation packages


Further Information

SeaCat’s PMA Suite contains two dedicated tools that are highly recommended by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH: QINSy for advanced post-processing of sensor data and Fledermaus for 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis.


QINSy is an integrated navigation system software package that is extensively and globally used for acquiring and processing multi-beam data. A variant of this software is already implemented into SeaCat’s data collection process.

Key Features:

  • real-time qualification of the raw data and on-the-fly correcting for offsets, motion, sound velocity refraction and height, to produce “final” xyz soundings as the survey proceeds
  • provides real-time data acquisition, full survey planning, data cleaning/validation and map plotting functionality
  • easily customised with add-on modules like the MBES (multi-beam echo sounder) and SSS (sidescan sonar) modules, or the Remote Display Client (RDC) add-on which allows dongle-free remote QINSy displays to be used on computers connected to the main QINSy survey computer
  • QPS’s QINSy Survey Package included:
    • able to interface up to 256 sensor systems & ideal for larger survey operations
    • used for all types of off-shore activities like anchor handling, pipe-lay operations, tug management and, of course, ROV and AUV surveys


Fledermaus as the industry-leading interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool is also part of the PMA Suite

Additionally  the  fully integrated time reference allows users to work in a true space and time environment

Key Features:

  • display of data that has been collected by the multi-beam echo sounder and post-processed with QINSy as a 3D-Modell (bathymetry model)