Control Set

Control Set

The Control Set provides SeaCat with the capability to operate in autonomous (AUV) or remotely controlled (ROV) mode


  • Mobile Control Unit with Interface Box and antennas on tripod
Further Information

The Control Set consists of three main components:

  • Mobile Control Unit (MCU) as main user interface
  • Interface Box (IF Box) for connecting the MCU to SeaCat’s MultiCom System
  • Antenna rack for mounting the various communication systems

SeaCat’s Mobile Control Unit (MCU) is based on a ruggedised notebook and allows not only for mission planning, but also for subsequent post-mission analysis.

Feature Specification
Climate Conditions

Operable from -20°C up to 60°C

Up to 95% humidity

MCU's Chassis

Magnesium alloy IP65 certified

Fully shock- and vibration-protected


15.6 inch multi-touch display

Effortlessly readable under sunlight

Software Systems

Field-tested ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH-developed SeaCat planning software

ECDIS chart server

Discover sidescan visualisation software

SeaNet Pro for displaying scanning sonar data

Interface Box (IF)

Connects the antennas and the SeaCat vehicle to the MCU for communication and data transmission purposes:

  • ports for an Iridium antenna
  • the acoustic underwater modem
  • two GPS antennas to display a ship-centred map on the Mobile Control Unit
  • fibre-optic datalink

The vehicle itself is connected to the IF Box via WIFI or a fibre-optic link. These links serve as the central means of communication between the MCU or an operator’s console.