Modem Base Station

Modem Base Station

The Modem Base Station enables the acoustic underwater communication in a range of up to 2 km, depending on the current environmental conditions


Further Information

The Modem Base Station is connected to the Interface Box (IF Box) which is part of the SeaCat Control Set. 

  • used to transmit position data of the SeaCat which is needed for tracking the vehicle
  • It also recognises a stop command or other re-planning signals from the surface station in order to interrupt an on-going mission.
  • The link is realised by a Evologics S2C 18/34– a powerful and reliable underwater communication system designed to meet the requirements of research and exploration and is proven in various subsea communication projects.

The Modem Base Station can be integrated in various ways: A locally flexible application by simply hanging the system overboard or from a harbour is just as possible as a full integration into the ship system.