Technical Data

Parameter / Task Value / Description Note
Length ca. 2500 - 3500 mm depends on payload and
battery options
Width 576 mm  
Height 670 mm including antennas
Weight in air ca. 130 –- 180 kg depends on payload
Buoyancy at surface ca. 1.5 –- 2.0 kg depends on salinity
Speed (through water)    
Speed, max. > 6 kts  
Speed, min. 0 kts hover capability
Speed, reverse, max. 1 kts  
Speed, typ. 2.5 kts -– 4.0 kts depends on payload
Water current < 3 kts  
Water depth, operational range 2 m < depth < 600 m If water depth is less than 2 m, the AUV runs at the
surface only.
Range / Endurance    
Range (AUV) > 20 nm with 3 kts speed through water

without cable

Range (ROV) < 700 m with 1000 m fibre-optic cable
Endurance (standard battery) < 10h at 3 kts speed through water depends on payload
Endurance (additional battery) < 20h at 3 kts speed through water depends on payload
Materials for the AUV system

The materials used for the vehicle components are nonmagnetic, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, and plastics.

Autonomous Mode (AUV)

Fully unsupervised, pre-programmed operation with reactive behaviour on environmental conditions or AUV state

Remotely Controlled Mode (ROV) Fully teleoperated with live broadcast of data ROV mode at surface or fibre-optic cable
External Control (backseat driver)

User-defined control code can be used to steer the vehicle via a defined control interface

Standard Payload    
Edgetech 2205 DF Side Scan Sonar  
Tritech Micron DST Scanning Sonar