Post Mission Analysis

Data is retrieved from the system by means of the AUV MultiCom system, which provides wireless or cabled Ethernet access. The analysis is performed on the Planning Station but a dedicated PC with a bigger monitor is to be preferred for detailed visualisation, due to the size of the monitor.

A waterfall display provided by the Edgetech Discover tool's quick look capability enables the operator to quickly assess the collected sidescan sonar data before it is geo-referenced. This first assessment can thus be performed already on the support ship. The further processing will then have to be done by means of standard software suites (e.g. Qinsy, Hypack, or Fledermaus). These tools are crucial for the investigation of data obtained by multi-beam sonars.

For military use, ATLAS Classiphi (see section 4.1) is recommended for geo-referencing and detailed evaluation of the sidescan data. Classiphi features automated target recognition capabilities.