Water Quality Head

Water Quality Head

Extended environmental monitoring by measuring distribution of chemical/organic matters

  • Physical and bio-optical isosurfaces within a volume through a frontal zone on the northern Monterey Bay shelf
  • Temperature and chlorophyll fluorescence at 11 m deep for the volume survey shown above
  • The four sensors and sensor groups the Water Quality Head consists of
  • Two of the integrated sensors:
    CTD (on the top)
    enviroFlu-HC (at the bottom)
Further Information

In order to enforce standards for the protection of coastal sea areas and water resources, the Water Quality Head contributes significantly to the monitoring of health status and water quality.

Another, highly useful application of SeaCat’s Water Quality Head is the determination of current sonar conditions and water layers. This information may be crucial for the optimised deployment of e.g. mobile diver detection sonar systems.

The Water Quality Head’s sensor suite has been configured by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH’s experts and mainly consists of the four sensors or sensor groups, respectively, as listed below:

Type Measured Parametre(s) Manufacturer
CTD 90

1. PH
2. Conductivity
3. Salinity
4. Dissolved oxygen
5. Temperature
6. Pressure
7. Turbidity
8. Chlorophyll
Sea and Sun

enviroFlu-HC Hydrocarbons in water TriOS
microFlu-CDOM CDOM (Coloured Dissolved Organic
Ramses Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR),