Tunnel Inspection Head

Tunnel Inspection Head

Have a look into the inside of water supply ducts

For the inspection of fresh-water pipelines, the Tunnel Inspection Head is equipped with five cameras, enabling a 360° view and an optimised LED lighting arrangement

  • Results of the video camera
  • Results of the video camera
  • Results of the video camera
  • SeaCat whilst being lowered into the inflow basin

Further Information

In its present configuration, the Tunnel Inspection Head is able to inspect the internal conditions of a 24 km long fresh-water pipeline without access and touching the walls in order to prevent possible water pollution.

  •  Fully autonomous operation without mission plan

- The package consists of dedicated guidance software developed by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, which makes use of the vehicle’s navigation system as well as further guidance sensors

- During the mission, the SeaCat’s heading, course and speed is controlled by this guidance software via its backseat driver interface (see chapter Custom Head).

- For turbid waters, a modification of the main sensor regarding the sonar system is conceptually available.

Feature Specification
WVGA 752 x 480 @ 60 frames per second
Low-light camera from 0.5 lux