Subbottom Head

Subbottom Head

The acoustic view into the sediment helps during archaeological, geological and military tasks

  • Exemplary data taken by SeaCat showing HF data (top) and LF data (bottom)
  • Image of the Subbottom Profiler (SBP)
  • Subbottom Head while launching
Further Information

The Subbottom Head features a Tritech dual-frequency Seaking Parametric SBP (Subbottom Profiler) that emits a 20 kHz pulse using a primary frequency of 200 kHz.

  • The profiler emits the sound vertically downward towards the seafloor and receives the return of the sound once it has been reflected.
  • Parts of the sound will penetrate the seafloor and thus be reflected by the different subbottom layers and embedded objects.
  • The data obtained by using the Subbottom Head provides information on the different sub-floor sediment layers.

For a quick visualisation of the mission results, the package includes dedicated Tritech Seanet Pro Software.

Feature Specification
Primary frequency 200 kHz
Primary beam width 4 degrees
Low frequency 20 kHz
Low frequency beam width 4.5 degrees
Pulse length 100 seconds
Range resolution HF depends on range scale
(10 - 100mm)
Range resolution LF depends on range scale
(60 seconds @ 30 m)