Survey Head FOUR

Survey Head FOUR

Combining the strengths of the Survey and Subbottom Head allows for detailed tracking and exploring of underwater structures and seabed profiles

  • Sample data which has been recorded in a harbour. The green line represents the vehicle
  • Exemplary data taken by SeaCat showing HF data (top) and LF data (bottom)
  • Exemplary results of the NORBIT Wide Band Multi-beam System
Further Information

The Survey Head FOUR is equipped with a Multi-beam echo sounder, a subbottom profiler and a rotatable camera. It offers a full sensor suite for advanced survey tasks.

The system consists of:

  • A NORBIT Wide Band Multi-beam System (WBMS) - a compact high resolution wide-swath multi-beam sonar
  • An ATLAS IP Camera, specifically built for deep water operation, that combines high resolution HD video with great light sensitivity.
  • A Tritech Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler that allows for a raw 200kHz seabed profile, as well as 20kHz subbottom layers produced by the parametric pulse.
  • A connecting port for the G 882 Marine Magnetometer of Geometrics
  • The additional sensor can be towed behind the AUV and completes the subbottom survey capabilities of this advanced SwapHead