SeaCat on exhibition in Hanover

28 Apr, 2016 00:00
As a part of the expert forum "Autonomous systems" of the Hightech Forum Germany, the SeaCat was exhibited from 25th to 29th April at the Hanover exhibition.

The ATLAS SeaCat was exhibited as a sensor of the mobile control center with mobile and stationary sensors (AMFIS) in hostile areas. AMFIS also encompasses land and air robots as well as small trucks for the mobile control center.

AMFIS is supposed to dispose and control driving, flying or swimming vehicles for inspection related tasks in hostile areas for disaster control and supervision.

The hybrid underwater vehicle SeaCat was developed for waters with a depth of up to 600 m. The vehicle can be equipped with different payloads and used for up to 20 hours in a remotely controlled mode or autonomous mode with real-time data transmission. It can be used for sea bed mapping tasks and inspections of underwater infrastructures.

Depending on the mission, SeaCat provides a cost-efficient and useful tool for task areas such as disposal of unexploded ordance or mines, inspection of offshore windfarms, harbour security and pre-lay surveys for pipeline and cable inspections.