SeaCat detects explosives with electrochemical sensor

17 Jun, 2015 00:00
SeaCat detects explosives with electrochemical sensor
Last Wednesday, a two-days sea trial within the project of the European Defence Agency "Buried Mines" (BURMIN) was completed successfully in Eckernförde

The overall objective was to detect explosives with an electrochemical sensor invented by Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT).

In this context the SeaCat provided the sensor carrier. The samples collected - 10g and 30g Nitropenta plastic explosives - were detected in 20m deep water with the ICT sensor. ATLAS' SeaCat ran all missions without any incidents.

The project BURMIN aims to fill technological gaps between detection and disposal of sea bed mines or buried mines and wants to establish standards for future unmanned maritime systems.

The two-day trials served as a preparation for sea trials in September 2015 in the polish port Gdynia. With the results of these two days, the BURMIN test series are completed until further notice.